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Root Canal Treatment Steps

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Root Canal Treatment Steps

The biggest reason why many of us end up turning to our Sudbury, ON, dentist for a root canal treatment is often because of pain. A root canal can relieve us of the pain, can put a stop to the infection that's causing it, and also can save our damaged tooth. The most common cause for situations like these is untreated cavities which can infect the soft tissue center of our tooth which triggers severe discomfort and can threaten our overall dental health. Although injuries and trauma to a tooth can also create the circumstances for a similar infection. Learn more about all the benefits of a root canal treatment from Dr. Kulwinder (Tina) Deol of LaSalle Court Dentistry.

How a Root Canal Is Performed

On the day of the root canal, our dentist may examine our tooth once again, likely another set of imaging tests to verify the diagnosis.

Local anesthesia is applied to the gums, to the area surrounding the tooth and the process begins once it is completely numb.

Since most of the work will be performed at the center of the tooth our doctor will need to create small access on the top of it. Through this opening, and with small specialized tools, begins the removal of the infected soft tissue all the way through the roots of the tooth. The canals are shaped, dried, and then filled with a substance called gutta-percha which serves as a filling for these and helps prevent reinfection. Posts are inserted for added support and then a temporary filling is applied which will serve until the final crown is ready. The crown will protect the tooth and allow us to use it as before, as well as preserve the natural appearance of our smile.

Root Canals in Sudbury, ON

Our own experience of a root canal at the hands of our Sudbury, ON, dentist will be limited to typically a couple of sessions on the chair, none much different than with other dental procedures. With the added bonus, of course, of relief from the pain that got us into the chair to start.

If you believe you may need a root canal or wish to avoid having one done with early treatment, you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Deol of LaSalle Court Dentistry by dialing (705) 675-2900.

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