About Us

At LaSalle Court Dentistry, situated in Sudbury, we take pride in providing a compassionate, welcoming, and skilled team of professionals with extensive dental expertise and training. Our dental experts are committed to staying abreast of the latest advancements in dental technology and techniques, ensuring that you receive cutting-edge treatment options for achieving and preserving your optimal oral health.

We are dedicated to delivering the same caliber of dental care to our patients as we would to our own loved ones. Our friendly and attentive team comprises dedicated professionals who prioritize your comfort and strive to ensure a relaxed experience during your visit.

With a comprehensive array of dental services available, ranging from pediatric and family procedures to surgical interventions, LaSalle Court Dentistry stands prepared to meet your dental needs.

At LaSalle Court Dentistry, we provide an extensive selection of dental services delivered by general dentists. Whether you're scheduling your routine bi-annual checkup or requiring restorative procedures, you've come to the right place. Our dentists in Sudbury are proficient and experienced in offering both general and cosmetic dental treatments tailored to your requirements. We are dedicated to enhancing your overall dental well-being, enabling you to flaunt your brightest and healthiest smile every day.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to connect with you and welcome you personally to LaSalle Court Dentistry. Feel free to reach out to us at (705) 675-2900, and we will be delighted to address any inquiries you may have regarding your dental care!